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Why start a scholarship with CSFCM?

We have over 2 decades expertise in:

•    Organizing and setting up scholarships
•    Creating and managing fund and official documents
•    Promoting scholarships to students
•    Creating a clear and complete application process
•    Awarding scholarships
•    Following up after scholarships are awarded

Recipients can be defined:
•    For a particular area of study
•    For a particular post-secondary institution
•    For meritorious performance
•    For financial need

Anyone can start a scholarship - Individuals, Businesses,
and Service organizations

Your charitable gift can become a passed-through gift
If you or your organization would like more information on
how you can help a Canon-McMillan student realize their
future, contact us at:


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Pass Thru Agreement 2023.png

Click the form to download and print.

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